Digital Marketing Weekly Round Up (09/03/18)


Unless you were under a rock this week, you’ll know it has been International Women’s Day. To celebrate/highlight ongoing issues in the tech sector, our good friends over at TechForGoodLive have done an excellent podcast on female experiences in tech . And for anyone worried about when’s International Men’s Day, Richard Herring has your answer.  PS It’s November 19th.

Aside from that entertainment, here’s the stories you need-to-know-but-might-have-missed.

Evidence that Facebook’s Algorithm Update has increased advertising costs

It’s what everyone expected, and now it’s confirmed. With the reduction of page content in users’ newsfeeds, fewer ad impressions are available to buy, and so the cost has gone up. See this chart below mapping the change, courtesy of Recode:


Facebook impression costs

There are a lot of other factors at play, as the number of advertisers has continued to grow anyway, even without this algorithm change. But it certainly looks like what was foretold has come to pass.


Google My Business creates “Woman Led” attribute in Maps

The day before International Women’s Day, Google announced a new attribute that local businesses could add – “Women led”. One of Seedling’s clients is Siren Asylum, a female only gym and fitness studio, so for them it’s perfect to stand out when potential new customers are browsing Maps results. How many other businesses this will be relevant or advantageous for, I’m not sure. More info on how to set up here.


Twitter investigating ways to verify all accounts

You’ve seen that little blue tick against celebrities’ Twitter accounts to confirm they’re the real deal? Twitter have confirmed they’re looking for a scalable way to roll this out to all users, likely due to issues with hate speech and bots that has often made the platform a frustrating place to communicate. What this means for popular “character” accounts like @SICKOFWOLVES or @Queen_UK remains to be seen. It doesn’t sound like this is likely to roll out any time soon, as no details have been confirmed. More info.




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