Website Behaviour Analysis

The report was far more in depth than we expected and covered areas that we would never have thought of looking at. It proved to be a very useful planning tool as well as a framework for development of our website moving forward.

Paul Holmes, Trustee, Crossroads Care Central and East Gloucestershire.

What You’ll Get

Our website user behaviour analysis answers the most critical questions about your website:

  • How do people find us?
  • What do people do when they arrive on site?
  • How can I drive more people to donate, buy, or convert?
  • Which audience segments are more valuable, and how can you reach more of them?
  • What triggers are nudging people to convert?
  • Where are people dropping off?

We’ll provide you with an in-depth report answering these key questions and more. You’ll come away with an in-depth understanding of how people behave on your website, and a list of recommendations to make improvements.

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