Communications Strategy

Businesses with the biggest hearts often have the smallest voices. Your story needs amplification and clarification to be heard.

Your communications strategy is at the core of everything you do. Your tone of voice, your key messages, your creative and visuals, and the channels you use all play a part in telling the story of your organisation.

Share of voice analysis

Your audience are bombarded with content and marketing every second of every day. How much cut through does your brand currently achieve? Who is occupying that space, and how are they doing it? Share of voice analysis incorporates visibility analysis, social media analysis, and PR and media analysis to understand how your brand or organisation is competing – and where the opportunity lies to cut through.

Channel acquisition strategy

Messages that work in email newsletters often don’t work on Facebook. A channel acquisition strategy defines the means in which you reach your audience, and how they should be utilised to tell your story and drive your audience to take action.  We will analyse the role of each channel and how they work together, identifying anywhere you are wasting budget or where your competitors are seizing share of voice.

Communications calendar

In a small organisation it’s easy to lose track of each others’ projects. Maybe you struggle to find the time to plan, or maybe your different teams struggle to work together. But aligning your key messages across each channel gives them space to breathe without other content competing for attention, and also makes each message stronger, being supported and echoed across each touchpoint.

We can help you identify topics your target audience care about, and define a schedule of communications across different marketing channels to reach that audience. It’s not always what you say – it’s how you say it. You know what you care about – but are you expressing it in a way that makes your audience care too?

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