Paid Search and Ad Grants (PPC)

Google continues to monetise the search landscape, from bottom-of-the-funnel, ready-to-convert queries, right up to early-stage research queries.

We’ll discuss the myriad of opportunities for your brand with you, from Search (PPC) to Shopping, to remarketing to create a strategy that is right for your project. We can even manage those platforms for you. Did you know that both for-profit businesses and not for profits can claim Google credits to trial different tactics before investing a penny?

AdWords (PPC) Management

Many small businesses and non profits don’t have a fully dedicated person for paid search. As a result, you can often pay over the odds for your click costs, which means for commercial businesses, you lose money, and for charities, you reduce the amount of traffic you could be driving with your ad grant. If you feel you don’t have the time of the expertise to give you paid search strategy the love it needs, we can take over the day to day management, keeping you updated on optimisation decisions, and making sure that your paid search account structure is in line with your wider business objectives.

Google Ad Grants

Since January 2018, AdWords accounts benefiting from Google Ad Grants need to uphold certain quality standards in terms of both performance and account structure in order to keep their account live. We can audit and improve your account to get it up to scratch to meet Google’s requirements and keep your ad grant live. Or, we can set up your campaigns for you, and train your team on how how to monitor and optimise from that point on.

AdWords Audit (commercial businesses)

Whether it’s search results, Shopping results or display banners – Google’s pay per click campaigns are monetising your communications channels more and more each day. Targeted and strategic campaigns are required to navigate this landscape, considering audience segments, user journey and campaign narrative. We can assess the success of your current campaigns and show you where your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities lie, including how you compare against competitors. Following the audit, we’ll talk you through the results, which you can implement yourself, or we can integrate them on your behalf.

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