About Us

Seedling Digital provides marketing support for organisations of all sizes that make the world a little better.

You may be a not-for-profit, or you may be a great business with a focus on CSR and green credentials, or vegan, fair trade or locally sourced products.

We can provide marketing strategy and analysis for you to take away and implement, deliver training for your in-house team, or handle your day-to-day campaign management.

We’ll never recommend unnecessary spend, or project work you won’t benefit from. We call this radical idea responsible communications. A lean campagn can still be an effective campaign. A functional website can still be a low-cost build. Your audience simply needs to be able to discover you and what you stand for.

Our favourite causes include environmental, veganism and animal welfare, mental health, greening, and equality-driven organisations.

Founder: Kayley Dempsey

I created Seedling Digital in 2017 to focus on cause-driven marketing, supporting businesses and organisations that I could throw my heart into. I’ve worked with pure ecommerce clients, tiny non-profits, and some of the biggest charities in the UK.

I have over a decade of experience in marketing and comms, from ground-level implementation up to devising strategy and building a team to deliver.

I live in Manchester with a house full of boys: one husband, one toddler and two cats.

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