Seedling Digital provides marketing and communications support for socially and environmentally conscious organisations of all sizes.

You may be a business or an individual operating in the third sector, or you may be a for-profit business with a focus on CSR and green credentials, or vegan, fair trade or locally sourced products.

When you’re working on a project for social good, you don’t usually have a ton of spare cash. We’ll never recommend unnecessary advertising spend, or project work you won’t benefit from. We call this radical idea responsible communications.

It’s easy to burn money when you start looking at marketing or advertising. And yes, there will always be an element of doing it right, vs. doing it well. But an effective campaign can still be a lean campaign. A functional website can still be a low-cost build. Your service users and customers simply need to be able to discover you and what you stand for without all the dancing ponies or celebrity endorsements… which may be easier said than done. This is why strategy and creative development is so critical – effective planning will save you heartache (and cash) further down the line.

Our belief is that any marketing campaign or strategic communication needs to have a purpose. If you’re a small start up, or a not for profit, you don’t have the bottom line for vanity projects – and that’s ok. We’d rather work smart than work flashy.

Our favourite causes include environmental, veganism and animal welfare, mental health, greening, and equality-driven organisations.

We don’t work with companies that don’t fit our beliefs.

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Founder: Kayley Dempsey

I set up Seedling Digital after ten years of experience in marketing. I wanted to focus on businesses and organisations that were close to my heart – and whose success I was truly motivated to deliver.

Businesses that have the biggest hearts often have the quietest voices. Seedling Digital helps you to amplify and clarify your communications to give you a chance to be heard in a noisy landscape.

Research shows that consumers care more about more about values and ethics from the brands they buy from than ever before, but these messages are often drowned out by bigger, more aggressive and less responsible brands.

I am based in Manchester (which must be the vegan capital of the UK) with my husband and two rescue cats, Garvey and Whiskey.

I love a cup of coffee and a walk in the woods.

I work with a highly talented network of designers and developers to ensure that whatever your needs, we can deliver your project to a high standard.