All communications should have a purpose, with a consistent brand voice that speaks to your audience about what they care about. Depending on whether it’s a tweet, and email, or a webpage, your tone of voice, writing style and topics will change. But your brand identity should still remain at the heart of all of your communications.

Copywriting for web

Copywriting for a web page is both an art and a science. If your goal is to rank on Google, you need to understand what search queries your target audience use, and understand the intent behind those queries to deliver a landing page that both suits your user and your search engine.

Conducting keyword research is important – it will inform not only the text on the page, but also your meta data – your domain structure, page title, H1 and image alt tags. Your meta description and the layout of your page need to understand what the state of mind the user is in – do they require quick, bullet points of digestible information, or a long, detailed read? Do featured snippets appear in search results for these types of query – what schema mark up might you need?

Email copywriting

Email copywriting should take your user on a journey: from sign up (where you tell the user what to expect), to subject line, to email content, to landing page. Great email campaigns map out their messages in advance, aligned with an overarching marketing and communications calendar, as well as within a self-contained automated journey. A Welcome email is essential to bringing your audience on board, and a well-written thank you email for a purchase or a donation (beyond just a transactional message) can go a long way in building brand advocacy.

PPC ad copy

PPC managers are brilliant – all day looking at numbers and trends, adjusting to changes in search layout, impression share, competitor behaviour and device usage. However, A/B testing ad copy or ensuring it aligns it with the rest of your marketing can often be overlooked – and yet it’s often the first point of exposure your service user or customer will experience once they start thinking about actively using your brand. We review your search campaigns, along with the queries they target and the intent behind those queries to draft PPC ad copy that doesn’t sit in isolation – and give your search campaigns a bit of extra support.

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