Reporting and Tracking

We thrive on data to make sure that businesses of any size aren’t wasting their time or budget on ineffective marketing.

Does this sound familiar?

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Although this quote originated in the 1920s… it’s still true for many brands today. Whether your marketing budget rivals Coca-Cola, or you just need to understand where to invest resource rather than cash – we can help you be more effective and efficient with both time and marketing spend.

Bespoke Google Analytics Dashboards

If you know exactly what information you want, and you want it at a glance, get in touch. We can set up a bespoke Analytics dashboard for you.

Client Reporting for Agencies

Reporting is the bane of many agency’s lives. If you want your team to spend more time on the “actual work” – why not outsource your reporting? We review wider market trends and algorithm updates to understand the effect of any external events on your performance. Third party reporting can give a fresh pair of eyes to your campaigns. We can work entirely whitelabel.

Marketing investment analysis

Using your Google Analytics, AdWords and/or CRM data we can analyse where your spend is most effective and how your current customers discover you.

We’ll analyse performance from awareness and discovery to conversion channels, reviewing trends over time and how that effects your performance. Our analysis can be used to inform your future marketing strategies and find budget efficiencies. Which campaigns, creative or platforms have been most effective?

Google Analytics, Search Console, and Tag Manager

Free Google tools can give so many insights to your organisation. We can set up, or review your current set up to make sure you’re making the most of what you have. We can also provide one off reports and recommendations, face to face training sessions or ongoing support. Train your whole team to make sure everyone gets a full-funnel view of your visitor behaviour.

Get in Touch

Got a problem you think we might help with? Email us or use our contact form.

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