Digital Marketing Weekly Round Up (16.03.18): Google goes crazy

Hello readers old and new – and what a week it’s been, both in and outside digital marketing. But let’s cut to the chase, your 90 seconds starts now:

1. Google delivers a zero results search results page (shock horror)

This news has had the SEO world in a frenzy. Traditionally, Google delivers 10 organic results for a search query (commonly called “10 blue links”). However, this has been dying for a while now, with News articles, Map results etc. all making the results page more complex. Now for the first time, for a very small number of queries that have a single definitive answer, e.g. what time is it, Google is experimenting with delivering only that single definitive answer, and not 10 links to other pages about the answer.

Moz have written about this in pretty great detail – the consensus is, this has been coming for a while, and if your business depends on receiving traffic from what time is it queries, or maths calculations or metric/imperial conversions… it’s time to change your strategy.

2. YouTube launches more targeting options

YouTube is still one of the most underused channels I see. Its power in storytelling, creating emotion, informing and educating is unparalleled in digital marketing. Plus, it’s currently pretty cheap (especially considering Facebook’s costs continue to rise). This week Google announced an exciting new targeting method: Custom Intent Audiences. This basically means you can reach users in YouTube who have performed specific searches in Google search recently. So let’s say you want to reach users interested in finding out more about social housing, animal conservation, or how to go vegan. Now you can target those users with video ads in YouTube. This is an exciting development for bridging that gap between top of the funnel, wide reach, less targeted campaigns and bottom of the funnel, high intent targeting.

More info at Search Marketing Land.

3. Google confirms core algorithm update

This feels like minor news after the “zero results” debacle, but some sites have seen fluctuations in their organic traffic recently and now Google has confirmed it: there was a “broad, core algorithm update” rolled out week of 5 March. It wasn’t aimed to fix a specific problem like some updates that focus on rewarding good content, or mobile performance, for example. Sites that have seen drops have been given no advice on “fixing” these losses. But at least you know own you’re not the only one. Limited details but a longer version of this story is available at SEO Roundtable.

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