Four Great Donate Buttons for Wildlife Charities

The humble donate button – the start of a regular monthly gift… or the barrier to a new relationship? We’ve analysed some of our favourite donate buttons used by wildlife charities.


We love this bold red button from Tusk. Red is a risky choice, usually associated with warnings and danger, however, red associates well with the threat that the animals are facing. The only thing we’d change is the red Play button on “The Tusk story” as it detracts from how well the Donate button stands out.

Once you click through – it’s gorgeous. Really simple, clean page with that familiar red Donate holding your hand through the journey.

People’s Trust for Endangered Species

We love how the quirky angle of this button perfectly complements the brand logo for People’s Trust for Endangered Species. The donate button is easily the most impactful button on the menu, although the orange used in the hero banner does stand out a little stronger than the blue button.

Once you hit the Donate page, it’s beautiful. The colouring of the menu button is mirrored in the hero image. The eyes of the beloved red squirrel lead you straight to the button and the call to action itself reminds you of the cause you are supporting.

However, if you hover over the Donte button on the menu rather than clicking, you’re hit with a large drop down menu. These aren’t just filters for gifts to specific programmes, there’s also legacy gifting, fundraising and corporate partnerships appearing. While all of these sources of income are important, we’d keep that button limited to a one off or regular giving journey.


As you scroll on the RSPCA site, a COVID banner appears with an urgent message. The use of red and the exclamation mark immediately draw your attention. The chevron then guides your eye to the button. The orange button stands out against a small black and white image, which helps to convey the seriousness of the appeal.

Wildlife Aid Foundation

We really wanted to love this on the Wildlife Aid Foundation website. The paw print is adorable, reflecting the brand logo as well as the element of “cute” that we want to see with an animal charity. The Donate menu item really stands out despite not being a button, and the Make a Donation block is clean and clear. The eyes of the red fox look straight at you, helping to build an emotional connection to nudge you to complete your donation. Like I say, we really wanted to love this. Our only negative is the use of red text on a green background. Red/green colourblind is a known form of colourblindness and the contrast between the two hues is fairly weak. That being said, the text is pretty large which does help with accessability. We’d probably just look at tweaking that shade of red or make it an actual button with a paler background to be safe.

Once you click donate, there’s some really lovely donation triggers. They are both animal and treatment specific, making them great for virtual gifting, but also making personal donations really tangible.

Spotted any great donation journeys lately? Or looking for some support analysing your donation funnel?

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